Weekend Update

by skylarhaubert

I had a crazy fun weekend with the beautiful Hayley! Hayley is one of my best friends from Scholastica and is studying in Spain for the semester. It was SO great having her here. She definitely gave me a fresh perspective on London. Now that I’m used to living here I forget how lucky I am. As we were walking up to my dorm, Hayley was like “Wow! You go to school here?! This is gorgeous!” And I just stepped back, took another look, and realized how lucky I actually am. I really needed a new outlook to get me out of this homesick groove.

I haven’t seen this much of London since my first weekend here! We saw everything I’ve already seen and more! On Friday, I think we walked around for 7 hours before we finally took a break. We saw the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, and Westminster. We toured St. Paul’s Cathedral and got to go to the very top balcony, which I didn’t get a chance to do my first time there. At night we walked around Picadilly Circus – that’s just an experience very Londoner has to have. It looks like New York with giant flashing signs, Broadway shows left and right, and club promoters hounding you to come in to their bar. The next day we went to Portobello Market – my favorite market, by far. I still have a few that I want to visit but this one was just so dang cool! It is literally two miles of little shops full of trinkets, antiques, vintage clothing, new clothing, jewelry, and food. I can’t even describe it. After that, Hayley and her friend went to Abbey Road and rode the London Eye. Then we attempted to go sit on the lions in Trafalgar Square (I’ll post pictures later) but they are way too big! It was a hilarious experience. Hayley is super short so watching her try to hoist herself up on this gigantic platform was a hoot. We finished the night with a nice dinner, a glass of wine, and (of course) there’s always room for dessert! Right, Hayley? 😉

It was lovely being able to catch up with such a great friend. I am truly blessed.